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Select the Right Sawmill for Your Needs

Model 50 

Base Model 

  • Includes trailer package

  • (4 corner pin posts and 1 TW jack) 

  • 12 Volt electric winch (up & down)

  • 20H.P. Kohler a Twin Cylinder Gas Engine (Electric Start) 

  • Bed Capacity is 30 in. Dia x 20 Ft. Log

Model 200 

Automated with Operator Seat and Foot Rest

  • Model 100 +

  • With more operator comfort in mind, this model features the operator mounted on a seat and footrest that travels with the head of the mill


  • The lever control panel gives the operator power feed cutting forward, power feed return and hydraulic driven up and down movement of the head of the mill

Model 338 

With Hydraulic Log Turner

  • Model 200 + 

  • A hydraulic powered log turner, hydraulic locks, and back posts make the log movement during sawing more efficient and productive  

  • A must for all full time log operations


Model 350-38XP
With Hydraulic Log Loader

  • Model 300 +

  • The hydraulic log loader lifts the logs from ground level and flips them onto your sawmill bed

  • This model is a one-man operation

  • Reduces the need for extra equipment to load the log onto the bed

Construction of All Our  Sawmills

Clarke band sawmills are appropriate for both personal and business use. Since they are both easy to use and affordable, our mills are used in business to generate revenue and also by those looking for an interesting hobby.

Clarke portable sawmills consist of a base in which the log is clamped to. The lumber is sawed as the carriage of the unit passes through the log. In addition to being easy to use, Clarke mills are completely portable and can be taken into any woodlot location.

Clarke mills are capable of sawing both hard and softwood. Logs of up to 30" in diameter and 20' long can be cut with these mills.

The mills are designed with a solid twin rail constructed of 3" x 6" tubing which gives a stronger frame to anchor your logs to. This construction allows for more accurate sawing with no shifting of heavy logs and does not require supporting arms.


All Clarke mills come with the following standard features:

  • Our bandsaw blades are 1 ¼"  by .042 x 3/4" pitch for accurate cutting and less lumber waste. Blades are enclosed behind removable shields on both sides for operator safety. These blades can be changed in 5 minutes and can be re-sharpened many times.

  • Blade oiler to be used when working with sappy lumber

  • 4 jacks with a total capacity of 20,000 lbs can be set-up in 10 minutes

  • Trailer package featuring a single axle with 3500 lb capacity, steel fenders, a 2" ball and safety chains

  • Bed extensions or extra-long beds are available when placing an order.

  • 20HP Kohler gas engine with electric start is standard on all models. All models can handle larger gas or diesel engines.

  • Manufacturer's warranty on all engines

  • Saw guides with industrial bearings

  • Clamping system to secure round or square logs

  • Ruler gauge attached to the side of the head to achieve the desired lumber thickness

  • Model #50 comes with  an 18" band wheel and uses a 14' 5" blade

  • The model #100 - #350 comes with a 25" band wheel and uses a 16' 11" blade, all frame jacks are more adjustable and have a better leveling system, and tongues are removable.

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