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Select the Right Edger for Your Needs

Improve your raw lumber utilization by at least 35%, by using edge trimmer. Instead of shaping lumber into a square or a rectangle first then cutting the boards, cut the boards first then make boards of different width.  Increase both speed and lumber utilization.


A potable board edger from Clarke Portable Sawmills is a perfect addition to your lumber yard. We offer different models to suite your operational needs.

Model 1024 
Dual 12' Strobe Saw

Model 1236
Dual 12'' Split Strobe Saws

Construction of All Our  Edgers
  • Engine is mounted at the top for easy access    


  • Boards are held down by metal rollers that keep even pressure and reduces slippage

  • Quick return through top mounted roller board            


  • Control feed and speed through managed flow control system          


  • 36’ Wide Board Width      


  • 2'-27' Edge Cut Width      


  • Carbide tipped Dual Split Strobe Saws with 1/8' blade thickness  


  • Mechanical fingers to manage board anti-kickback          


  • Hydraulic Speed Control                


  • Easy board guiding with two infeed and two outfeed rollers      


  • Electric, Gas, or Diesel power options      


  • 12' Dual Strobe Saws - cuts can be up to 3' tall

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