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Shamrock Welding and Fabrication 

Makers of Clarke Portable Sawmills

It is our priority to see that everyone returns home safely at the end of every workday. We do our part by building safe, reliable, and efficient sawmills.
Our Team
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  • Our team of professionals includes expert welders, fabricators, and safety practitioners as well as veteran sawmill operators and lumber yard workers. 

  • Not only we design, build and support Clarke Portable Sawmills, but we also use them in our woodlots

  • As the old saying goes – only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, it is incredible how little changes in design make a workday safe and enjoyable.

Safety - First 
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  • Safety is our first priority - for us and you.

  • A carefully organized workplace is step one, paying attention to the job on hand is step two. 

  • Our equipment is designed with safety in mind. 

Work Ethics
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  • Ethical teamwork requires clear communication, joint decision making, collaboration, self-management, and accountability 

  • We work together without ranks with a single goal – build safe and reliable sawmills

Environment & Sustainability
  • Forestry is a renewable resource, that doesn’t mean we waste it.

  • Our sawmills are designed to reduce the amount of waste and ensure every inch of precious wood is converted into useful material

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