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Model 1236 

Model 1236 Features
  • The engine is mounted at the top for easy access  


  • Boards are held down by metal rollers that keep even pressure and reduce slippage

  • Quick return through top-mounted roller board                               

  • Control feed and speed through the managed flow control system           


  • 36'' Wide Board Width      


  • 2''-27'' Edge Cut Width        


  • Carbide tipped Dual Split Strobe Saws with 3/16' blade thickness          


  • Mechanical fingers to manage board anti-kickback                                       

  • Hydraulic Speed Control                                                                                            

  • Easy board guiding with two infeed and two outfeed rollers                                                

  • Electric, Gas, or Diesel power options                                                                        

  • 14'' Dual Strobe Saws - cuts can be up to 4'' tall    




Price (Canadian Dollars) $ 29,500.00

Plus taxes (Canadian buyers only)

FOB Lindsay, Ontario

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